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mohair e lana acque sorgive

Filato 50% mohair 50% lana, matasse da 25g lunghe 75m / 82yds


50% mohair 50% wool, sport weight yarn, 25g skeins  75m / 82yds long.
Natural yarn, no super wash,  hand dyed with natural colors.

Color: acque sorgive
Hand dyed with:  (Reseda Luteola, Indigofera Tinctoria)
 4-6mm needles, 4mm crochet.

This yarn is soft, light and very warm and can be worn in direct contact with the skin. 

Washing: it is recommended to wash by hand with water at room temperature and a little mild detergent, avoiding rubbing or twisting. Dry in the shade and flat.

The photos are taken with great care, however the color displayed may vary with the characteristics of the monitors.

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