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From nature to beauty ... let yourself be tempted
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Imagine your creativity and the colors of nature
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Discover our products .. nature and quality always
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The eyes of the wolf


                                                                      Choose the product that's right for you


Kid mohair on silk, hand-dyed yarn with natural colors


Mohair on wool yarn hand-dyed with natural colors


BFL + Mid Brown Masham yarn hand-dyed with natural colors


Pure linen yarn hand-dyed with natural colors


Extra fine merino - silk yarn hand dyed with natural colors


Pure textile hemp yarn hand-dyed with natural colors

The kits

Yarns needed to make the various patterns in the sizes provided

desert rose

Hvila sweater


Sale of hand-dyed yarns with natural colors

We dye by hand with extreme care and in small batches highly selected natural yarns, with natural pigments and ancient dyeing techniques.

Where possible we use wild dyeing plants that we collect in our territory, known for its extraordinary biodiversity. In the past, the art of natural dyes was a glory of the Abruzzese textile tradition, thanks to its famous Master Dyers.

However we flee from nostalgia for the good old days and  our motto is   "One step back to move forward".    A step back, a look at the past, to rediscover the ability to make the most of what Nature offers us using the tools and technical-scientific skills of our time.

We look for all the beauty possible without giving up the protection of the environment of which we are part.